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If you are bored, please look over this link for programming

the BeagleBone Black Wireless and Relay Cape in C/C++ and Python3

with sysfs and libgpiod-dev while using make and cmake. Hint, gpiod.h has some odd happenings. Beware!

Relay Cape on Github!

Here is another resource of source for another Cape, daughter card, for the

BeagleBone Black which carries the am335x processor from This one is called the Servo Cape.

Servo Cape on Github...

I am currently trying to build machines. I am working on an elaborate 3D Printer.

The older model 1403 from PrintrBot has seen its hayday and now must be updated.

So, with a couple plates and some extra build parts, BAM. It is done. It prints still.

The add-on will be a 50cm or roughly 19.75" XY along with a heightened gantry for the Z_axis

I made the machine work at 300mm * 152mm * 152mm with Klipper, a Recore A7, and OctoPrint.

Here is a small video of the newer build plate along w/ a final product photo along w/ some building!